Failed Virtual USD card transactions

Trouble shooting failed card transactions.

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Your Grey USD virtual card may be declined when you try using it on some websites. Here are some reasons why this may happen:

  • Insufficient funds - Please ensure your card is funded at all times. Note that repeated declined card transactions due to insufficient funds may lead to us restricting your access to our card service.

  • Your card is frozen - Please ensure your card is active and unfreeze it if frozen before making payments.

  • Transaction type is not supported (MCC not allowed ) - You may have tried the card on a restricted platform, e.g., Betting, Crypto, and Pornography. The transaction may also be blocked for security reasons.

  • Wrong billing address - Please ensure to enter the billing address you have listed on your Grey account.

  • The website or merchant requires 3D-secure cards; the cards provided are not 3D-secured enabled.

  • Connectivity issue - Card transactions may also fail due to technical issues on the merchant's website. You can try clearing your browser cache or opening the website you are trying to make payment on an incognito browser.

Please Note ⚠️

  • If your card transaction fails two(2) times due to insufficient funds on the card for the same transaction, your card will be flagged and frozen.

  • If the card is re-activated, and you try the same transaction again, and it fails once(1) with insufficient funds, your card will be terminated.

Please ensure your card is funded when transacting, especially for scheduled and recurring payments. You can also delete your card from the platforms it has been added to or cancel your subscription to prevent charges on your card.

If you need further assistance, please get in touch with our support team via the in-app chat or email [email protected]

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