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What kind of cards can I get on Grey?

At the moment, you can create a virtual USD Mastercard on Grey.

What can I pay for with the Grey Virtual Card?

You can make payments across streaming sites, shopping platforms, airlines, etc.

Can I fund my USD card with any currency?

You can only fund USD virtual cards from your Grey USD balance.

What are the requirements?

To create a USD virtual card, you'll be required to have completed your KYC verification.

Do I need a virtual account to get a card?

No. You can simply top up in your local currency and swap to USD.

What happens if I already have a Grey virtual account?

You can directly top up your card from your USD balance and use your card.

Can I withdraw from the Virtual Card?

No, you cannot make withdrawals from the card.

Can I receive payments using the Virtual Card?

No, you can not receive payments using the virtual card.

What happens to my card balance once I delete my card?

Once you delete your card, any remaining balance is returned to your Grey USD balance.

Important things to note about virtual cards

  • There's a one-time creation fee of $4 - this will also be debited from your USD balance.

  • An additional sum of $1 dollars is required to fund the card upon creation.

  • You can make payments across platforms that allow multi-currency payments, i.e., if an EU site accepts USD cards, you can pay with your virtual card.

  • We do not support payments on Cryptocurrency, P2P, Betting, and Forex Trading Platforms.

  • Please note that the card provided is for payments only and cannot be used to withdraw from other platforms or sites.

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