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FAQs on virtual cards

Learn more about virtual cards

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What kind of cards can I get on Grey?

At the moment, you can create a virtual USD Mastercard on Grey.

What can I pay for with the Grey Virtual Card?

You can make payments across streaming sites, shopping platforms, airlines, etc.

Can I fund my USD card with any currency?

You can only fund your virtual cards in USD.

What are the requirements?

To create a USD virtual card, you'll be required to have completed your KYC verification.

Do I need a virtual account to get a card?

No. You can simply top up in your local currency and swap to USD.

What happens if I already have a Grey virtual account?

You can directly top up your card from your USD balance and use your card.

Can I withdraw from the Virtual Card?

Yes, you can learn more here.

Can I receive payments using the Virtual Card?

No, you can not receive payments using the virtual card.

What happens to my card balance once I delete my card?

Once you delete your card, any remaining balance is returned to your Grey USD balance.

How long can I use the virtual card?

The virtual card expires after three years.

Important things to note about virtual cards

  • There's a one-time creation fee of $4, which will also be debited from your USD balance.

  • An additional $1 is required to fund the card upon creation.

  • You can make payments across platforms that allow multi-currency payments, i.e., if an EU site accepts USD cards, you can pay with your virtual card.

  • We do not support Cryptocurrency, P2P, Betting, and Forex Trading platform payments.

  • Please note that the card provided is for payments only and cannot be used to withdraw from other platforms or sites.

Please Note ⚠️

  • If your card transaction fails two(2) times due to insufficient funds on the card for the same transaction, your card will be flagged and frozen.

  • If the card is re-activated, and you try the same transaction again, and it fails twice(2) with insufficient funds, your card will be terminated.

Please ensure your card is funded when transacting, especially for scheduled and recurring payments. You can also delete your card from the platforms it has been added to or cancel your subscription to prevent charges on your card.

If you need further assistance, please get in touch with our support team via the in-app chat or email [email protected]

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