Once you receive funds with your virtual foreign account, It will reflect in the foreign currency balance, and you will; also be notified via email.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to converting funds from your foreign currency balance to your local(Naira) bank account.

  • Log in to your Grey account to access your dashboard once you have received your funds.

  • Proceed to Balances.

  • Ensure NGN is among the currencies in your balance to be able to convert to NGN. Click on Add Balance to add NGN if it’s not yet added.

  • From Balances, select either your GBP, EUR, or USD Balance. For this guide, EUR would be used.

  • Click on Swap funds to convert your funds to NGN.

  • Proceed to your NGN Balance.

  • Click ‘Send NGN’ to withdraw your funds to your local bank account.

    Note: We support all Naira bank accounts; settlements for NGN transactions are done instantly. Delays may occur depending on the banking network.

    Learn more about swap fees and NGN withdrawal fees here.

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