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Why did my virtual card get charged for FX fee?
Why did my virtual card get charged for FX fee?

Learn more on cards cross border fee and why it is being charged.

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Starting 1 February 2024, we implemented a new cross-border fee. This fee ONLY applies to payments made on non-US apps/websites using your Grey USD card, and Grey does not initiate or receive this fee.

We held back on implementing this for a while; however, it is an unavoidable standard charge from financial networks directly mandated by card processors, including Mastercard.

To give you a clear idea of how this works, let's say you purchase a £50 shirt from a European brand using your Grey USD virtual card. In this case, the total amount debited would be £51 plus an additional $0.50 for the cross-border fee.

If, for any reason, your balance is exactly £50 at the time of the transaction, the purchase will not be successful. But don't worry, if this happens, we will refund your money, minus the cross-border fee of £1 and $0.50.

Please remember that this fee (2% of the transaction amount + $0.50) is ONLY charged on card transactions that are not in USD and is not a fee from Grey. This fee also applies to refunds from non-USD websites/merchants.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns, and that's why our customer support team is here to help you. We encourage you to contact us anytime, and we will gladly address any issues. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Grey.

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