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How to send and receive payments using GreyTags
How to send and receive payments using GreyTags

Learn how to send and receive payments to other Grey users.

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Receiving payments

To receive payments using your Grey Tag, simply share your Grey Tag with the sender.

Sending Payments

  • On the website or Mobile app, You can select a currency balance you'd like to send payments to.

  • Click "Send money" and select "Send using Grey Tag."

  • Fill in the recipient details and amount and follow the prompts.


  • Sending payments via Grey tags is free, provided the source and destination currency are the same.

    If you send different currencies, for instance, NGN, and the recipient is to get USD, you'll be charged a conversion fee.

  • If you experience this error - GreyTag cannot receive the transaction while trying to make payments, the feature is unavailable for the beneficiary. Please contact our support team for help.

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