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FAQs on Invoicing on Grey
FAQs on Invoicing on Grey

Everything you need to know about creating and using an Invoice on Grey

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What is an Invoice?

An invoice is how freelancers and businesses request payment for a good or service and document their business transactions. This is important because it breaks down the work completed into an itemized list and tells the client how to pay you.

Why is an Invoice Necessary?

We wanted to let you know that an invoice gives you and your client a record of the goods or services and the amount agreed upon for those goods and services. It also serves as a payment reminder for your clients. An invoice helps you keep detailed records of any purchase transactions you have had with your clients.

What kind of Invoices can I get on Grey?

You can now create an invoice for a single customer per time on Grey.

Can I get paid via the Grey invoice?

Yes, you can receive payments via your Grey bank accounts, i.e., NGN, GBP, & EUR.

Can I share the invoice as a URL link?

Yes, each invoice created has a unique URL that is shareable to customers through which

payments can also be made.

Can I create an invoice on the go or via the mobile app?

Yes, the invoicing feature is available on all Grey platforms' web, ios, and Android devices.

What are the requirements?

To create an invoice, the Grey user must have completed their KYC and requested their preferred foreign account to create an invoice and receive payment deposits.

Do I need a Grey bank account to create an invoice?

Yes. Payments can only be received via Grey foreign accounts.

What happens if I already have a Grey foreign account

You can create an invoice and receive payments via the foreign account

Important things to note about Invoices

  • A customer receives the created invoice when sent via email.

  • A customer will visit the payment URL from the email.

  • A payment notification will be sent to the invoice owner if the customer has completed the payment flow.

  • Once you have received your payment and marked the invoice as paid, a payment receipt will be emailed to your customer.

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