​​Congratulations on setting up your brand-new Grey EUR virtual foreign account! Please note the following:

• Your virtual EUR account is addressable in SEPA transfers. (SEPA/SEPA INSTANT)

• Your virtual account can only receive payments from countries within the EEA region.

• Receiving payments to your EUR virtual account has a 1% fee.

• Receiving payments into your virtual EUR account can take up to the Transaction date + 2 business days, It depends on the payment scheme used by the sending bank.

• Payments from countries outside the EEA region are NOT supported.

• You CANNOT receive international SWIFT or Wire transfers to your virtual EUR account.

• You CANNOT receive payments in other currencies to your EUR virtual account.

NOTE: Sending any other currencies(e.g USD) to your EUR account is not supported and is at your own risk.

We do not support receiving payments for CRYPTOCURRENCY, P2P, BETTING, and FOREX TRADING purpose.

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