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Can I Receive OTP on my WhatsApp number?
Can I Receive OTP on my WhatsApp number?
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The WhatsApp OTP option is a quicker method for receiving OTP. To use it, you must enable 2FA via the SMS option.

Here's how to locate the WhatsApp OTP option.

On the website:

  • Log into your account.

  • After signing in, wait for the "Resend code time" to elapse, then click "Resend code to WhatsApp."

  • An OTP code will be sent to your WhatsApp. Enter the code to log into your account.

On mobile:

What to expect when you receive the OTP code

The OTP code sent to your WhatsApp number will not show Grey as the sender due to a recent update from META. This code will only be sent to your WhatsApp number. Please don't share the code with a third-party for security reasons. Here's a screenshot of what the message would look like:

Note: Ensure that the phone number is your registered number used on the app and it is also linked and connected to your WhatsApp account.

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