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Two-factor Authentication(2FA)
Two-factor Authentication(2FA)

Set up two-factor authentication(2FA) on your account to provide an extra layer of security and protection.

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Two-factor authentication is a security process in which users use two different-factor authentications to verify themselves.

It usually entails a password/passcode as the first factor of authentication and the second factor usually a security token(OTPs) or biometric factor(fingerprint or face scan).


  • Login to your Grey account.

  • Click on "Profile" to gain access to the settings page.

  • Click on "Security"

  • Select "Set up your 2FA".

  • Select how you would like to receive your verification code, either via SMS or the Authenticator app.


  • Select "SMS."

  • A six-digit code would be sent to your registered phone number. If you did not receive any code click on "Resend code."

  • Enter the six-digit code and click on "Enable."

  • πŸ‘ You have successfully set up your 2FA using SMS verification.


To enable 2FA using an authenticator app, you will have to download and install the app on your phone. Authenticator apps include Google authenticator or Duo mobile, etc.

  • Select ''Authenticator App''.

  • Scan the QR code displayed to you using your authenticator app or enter the setup key.

  • Click "Next".

  • Enter the six-digit code generated by the authenticator app and click on ''Enable.''

  • πŸ‘ You have successfully set up your 2FA using Authenticator app verification.

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