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Why did my transaction fail?
Why did my transaction fail?

Possible reasons for transaction failure and how best to avoid it

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  • Incorrect beneficiary name.

  • Incorrect payment scheme.

  • Incorrect banking details.

  • Payment from a non-supported jurisdiction


  • Invalid banking details.

  • Inactive bank account - An inactive bank account is a bank account that has been closed or is dormant and cannot receive funds.

  • Restriction or account limit- Your bank cannot apply value due to a restriction on the account. A limitation could be on the customer’s account or a limit on the amount the bank account can receive.


  • Restriction or account limit- Your Mobile money operator cannot apply the value because the account has exceeded its daily limit or cannot hold the transferred amount.


  • Wrong routing number.

  • Payment from a non-supported jurisdiction

How to avoid transaction failure.

  • For foreign transfers, ensure to provide the sender with/use the correct account information as it appears on the account page, especially your account name. Any payment made with a name aside from your account name would result in rejected payments. Do not leave out any details when sharing your account details; all of the information provided on the account page is crucial to receiving successful payments.

  • Use an active and valid bank account when making payouts; ensure the account is not dormant, has no limits, and can receive the transaction amount.

  • When receiving foreign payments, please notify the sender of the supported payment schemes and ensure they use the suitable payment scheme. The supported payment schemes for each currency account are listed on the accounts page. Also, ensure payments are sent to or from the supported jurisdiction(Country).

  • Ensure that only the supported currency for a specific currency account is sent to the currency account. E.g., Only EUR is transferred to the EUR account. Sending payments aside from the designated currencies would lead to transaction failure.

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