Looking to withdraw Payoneer funds? Follow these steps:

! Note that you can only withdraw GBP or EUR for now.

STEP 1 - Create a virtual foreign account on Grey.

STEP 2 - Add your Grey virtual foreign account to Payoneer and withdraw into that.

STEP 3 - You can leave your funds in your Grey balance or convert them to NGN.


Select the account type (personal), Bank country (United Kingdom), and currency. Add your Bank name, Account name, Account number, and Sort code.

NOTE: If your bank name isn’t on the list, Kindly select “Other.”

Do not fill in your details with autocomplete, or else the account number field may request ten(10) digits rather than eight(8) digits. If this occurs, kindly fill in your details without autocomplete.

The expected timeline to receive your funds depends on the currency and payment scheme used.


Kindly note that Payoneer uses ACH for USD Transfers. The USD virtual account only supports WIRE and SWIFT TRANSFERS for now.

Any payments made to the USD virtual account using ACH Transfers would not be received.

Alternatively, you can swap your USD to GBP on Payoneer, after which withdraw to the GBP account provided.

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