How to withdraw payments from Deel

Learn how to add your Grey account to Deel and make withdrawals.

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Deel is a platform specializing in global payroll and compliance for remote teams. It is designed to simplify hiring remote workers and managing their payments.

Through Deel, employers can easily hire and onboard contractors worldwide and pay them in their local currency. Deel also handles the complexities of compliance, tax withholding, and benefits for remote workers.

You can link your Grey US, UK, or EU bank accounts to Deel using the guide below.

Adding your bank account to Deel.

  • Log into your Deel account.

  • Select Withdrawal Methods from the tab on the home page.

  • Click on Add method, and select bank transfer from the list.

  • Fill in your US, UK or EU bank account details.

Note that the withdrawal type is to a local bank account.

How to withdraw from your Deel account.

  • Log into your Deel account.

  • From the homepage, click on withdraw.

  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

  • Select the withdrawal method, bank transfer, and click withdraw.

You are expected to receive your funds within the ETA provided by Deel; you can see this information from the Withdrawal Tracker on Deel.

Just so you know, most payment providers, especially banks, do not process payments on weekends and public holidays. The ETA to receive payments is usually between working days.

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