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Creating & Deleting multiple accounts
Creating & Deleting multiple accounts
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Creating multiple accounts

Avoid creating multiple accounts as much as possible. This can be seen as fraudulent behaviour and may flag your accounts.

If you must create a new account, here are few things to consider

  • Delete the previous account.

  • Wait 48 hours before creating a new one.

  • Use a new government-issued ID that hasn't been used in previous accounts alongside your email address.

Deleting accounts

Before deleting an account due to issues like incorrect information or a change of email or DOB, contact support for assistance.

Things to consider:

  • To avoid complications, refrain from deleting and creating a new account hastily. If creating a new account is necessary, support can assist in minimising complications.

  • Follow support's guidance carefully to correct account details without deletion.

Remember, you can only have one(1) account, not multiple accounts, as this is not allowed.

Maintaining account integrity is crucial to avoid suspension.

Also, if deleting an account is your last resort, contact support for assistance.

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