Card spend limits and fees

Learn more about card spending limits, maintenance, and transaction fees.

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Paying on various platforms with your virtual card can be easy and convenient. There is no limit on the card, although you can spend up to 10,000 USD.

We do not charge card maintenance, transaction, or card funding fees. We only charge a creation fee of $5 ($4 for the card and $1 to be credited to your balance.)

The minimum amount you can fund your card is $2, with the maximum being $2500 per transaction.

⛔️ Please Note

  • If your card transaction fails two(2) times due to insufficient funds on the card for the same transaction, your card will be flagged and frozen. Kindly contact support for assistance.

  • Your card activities will be reviewed, and if the card is re-activated, and you try the same transaction again, and it fails twice(2) with insufficient funds, then your card will be terminated.

Please ensure your card is funded when transacting, especially for scheduled and recurring payments. You can also delete your card from the platforms it has been added to or cancel your subscription to prevent charges on your card.

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