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Your US balance and card balance are not the same
Your US balance and card balance are not the same
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Please keep in mind that all users have a US balance, but only users with a virtual card have a Card balance.

US Balance: The "US balance" refers to the balance displayed or tracked in the currency of the United States (USD). This balance represents the amount of funds available in the account when converted to US dollars. Also, if you receive funds using your US account details, the US balance will reflect the amount of money in USD terms.

Card Balance: The "card balance" typically refers to the available funds specifically associated with your virtual card. This balance reflects the amount of money that can be spent or withdrawn using the card.

๐Ÿ’ก Note:

  • The US balance and the Card balance are not the same.

  • When you swap to USD, your funds go to the USD balance.

  • If you create a Card, you are required to use the Add Money option to **fund** this card, as this is not automated.

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